Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Benjamin Rice

Benjamin Rice was married to Jane Larrabee.  they had three children;

Judah Rice who married Susan Foster.

Freeman Rice who married Sarah Foster.

Alice V.  who only shows up on census records at a very early age.


parents unknown
born[  some records state Canada, others state Maine
(family members believe the Rice's came to Maine from N.S. Canada and lived on or near Indian land there.)
died;  Centerville, Maine
Father;  unknown
Mother;  unknown
Jane Larrabee
born;    1815 at Machiasport, Maine
married;    1840
died;    1860 at Centerville, Maine
father;    Joseph Larrabee - born Oct. 31 1756 at Machias, Maine
                                           died;    1850 at Machiasport, Maine
mother;   Rebecca (Libby) Larrabee
born;  1781 at Harrington, Maine
died;   1816 at Machiasport, Maine

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